Visit of the Nador fishermen associations to the INRH research vessel "Al Charif Al Idrissi"
Upon the completion of the scientific cruise prospecting the Moroccan Mediterranean coasts, from 01 to 14 January 2018, and in the context of the communication 
strategy adopted by the INRH, a guided tour of the ship was organized for the coastal fishing professionals (owners and fishermen) at the port of Beni Ensar (Nador).
This visit was facilitated by a team from INRH chaired by the head of the INRH regional center in Nador, Najib El Ouamari, in the presence of the ONP delegate,
the ship captain and the head of the mission on board. During this meeting, a presentation on the various research programs carried out by the Regional Center of INRH in Nador was presented,
particularly those relating to the evaluation of fisheries resources and the monitoring of their exploitation.